About Us


Our Vision

Kaktus.AI has a vision to boost the mental health and wellbeing of employees in the workplace environment.



Because everyone has the right to live a happy healthy life and have access to preventative medicine, and because mental health is as important as physical health.



KaktusBrain©, an AI-empowered smart surveying system with Machine and Deep Learning ML/DL models will shorten sessions required to predict the workplace wellbeing. with real-time insights and immediate intervention plans.


Who Are We

At Imperial College London, through their MedTech SupperConnector Accelerator, a team of a Data Science researcher, a Medical Doctor, Neuroscientist, and a Social Entrepreneur have come together and founded Kaktus.AI to tackle the global mental health crisis.


Our Mission At Focus

We are in a mission to improve mental wellbeing in the workplace. Our main focus is to innovate smart tools to monitor and predict mental wellbeing issues directly associated with workplace productivity. Organizations can be enabled to lower their spending, improve the work environment and productivity and increase the retention rate of talented individuals.