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What’s important in life? — Normally this question coincides with a life-changing personal event. Something that brings this question to our conscious mind and keeps it there — no matter life’s daily battles, which so often impede our ambitions, dreams, and goals. But the Covid-19 pandemic is an event that affected all of us, and we all asked this question.

The result: the ‘Great Resignation’. People are changing jobs for an endless list of reasons. To be treated better… to enjoy work… to learn new skills… to learn about life…

Nearly half of all workers considered quitting their job in 2021; it’s up to businesses to step-up to keep them, so what is the solution?

Workplace Wellbeing Programs

Wellbeing is the overall physical, mental, and social health state, so a workplace wellbeing program ensures employees are well looked after. These are a simple way to make employees enjoy their time at work. So what are workplace wellbeing programs offering that are becoming common in the workplace?

Work Relations

In one place I worked, I’d check the rota frequently. Not because I was forgetting my own shifts, but because I was excited to see who I’d be working with. I even swapped shifts with someone one time to be on-shift with a colleague whose birthday I knew it was going to be on that day, just so first thing in the morning they’d have a chocolate bar just for them on their desk.

Not only did I enjoy going into work, I didn’t want to leave either. One survey has found that employees with work friends are less likely to consider moving jobs. For some, it’s challenging to make work friends, especially if working remotely or in a socially distanced workplace. Workplace wellbeing programs can encourage teammates to meet outside of work for get-togethers like sport, games, and drinks. Virtually, some programs will encourage online get-togethers, like the virtual water cooler.

Mental Health Support

The first thing one of my old house-mates used to do after coming home from work was sit themselves down next to me on the sofa, and we’d just chat there for a few hours about what we were finding difficult in life at the time. There was always a part of the conversation that was about work; about the tough day they’d had and the stresses they had to endure.

Some people have to face these challenges on their own, when all they need is someone to talk to. Employee wellbeing packages can offer access to mental health support and advice.

If employee mental wellbeing is not being supported by their employer, 55% of staff would seek a new job, and this increases to 78% for employees aged 18-24. Clearly, employees want the mental health support that can remove burn-out and increase their productivity and job satisfaction.

A Better Future

Workplace wellbeing programs maintain loyal, healthy, and happy employees, and some programs have already increased candidate interest by 35%. We are moving closer to workplaces that create value for the employee and create fond workplace memories and a desire to return to work tomorrow. Workplace wellbeing programs are needed for the future of businesses, and those without them, the ones who find themselves without loyal and happy employees, will fall behind.

Kaktus AI

Kaktus AI aim to bring all these benefits together into one easy-to-access package. To improve work relations, Kaktus AI can detect any malicious messages sent to others within the workplace and prioritise employee messages for HR managers to ensure they are not ignored and feel valued by management. Kaktus offers mental health support through employee dashboards containing easy access to mental health services that are relevant to them.

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