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For January, February, and March in 2020, suicide rates have been higher in England than the average of 2015 to 2019. It is thought that this data isn’t up to date due to the effects of Covid-19, causing delays to the publication of statistics, so the actual figures could be higher.

The UK Office for National Statistics states direct links are showing that the workplace is a contributing factor to suicide, with people in different areas of employment having higher suicide rates than others.

It has also been said that employees who attempt or die through suicide have unaddressed mental health or psychological disorders. There is a stigma for discussing mental health, noticeably at work, as it’s likely talking to your family is easier than talking to a colleague about mental health issues, unfortunately, because of how society works.

What is Suicide Prevention Month?

According to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, every September is a time for mental health advocates, prevention organisations, survivors, allies, and community members to unite to promote suicide prevention awareness. The primary aim is to remind us of the large numbers of suicides every year, and how we should be there for others.

There are some instances where it isn’t always possible for someone to be there for people who are experiencing mental health issues, such as in the workplace; HR managers cannot always be there for staff when they need support, and sometimes, there is overlooked and undealt with hostility in the workplace.

How Kaktus.AI Wants to Help

Kaktus.AI is a platform that enables early prediction of mental health-related challenges in the workforce. KaktusBrain is the computing intelligence behind our model, which uses AI and trained algorithms to identify early indicators of stress and mental illness and learns mental health triggers. Kaktus.AI is striving to make a positive difference with the technology we are making and we want to improve mental health support with a prediction diagnosis mechanism and early-stage intervention.

Kaktus.AI can provide prediction diagnoses, meaning that we can indicate if an employee will experience mental health issues before they become prominent and an issue. We can even refer them to a specialist for support.

Who Are We?

Kaktus.AI is a start-up company based in the UK that is utilising artificial intelligence on a mission to improve mental wellbeing in workplaces. Our primary focus is to innovate smart tools to monitor and predict mental wellbeing issues directly associated with workplace productivity and employee mental wellbeing.

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